On a rented car abroad Montenegro

You are not going to Montenegro for the first time and have already studied it thoroughly, or is your vacation more than 7 days? Then you should get acquainted with the countries neighboring with Montenegro. You can visit Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Serbia. All of them are located at a very accessible distance.

Of course, you can take a tourist bus, but then you will not feel the freedom that car travel gives you. And for this it is absolutely not necessary to go on vacation in his car. You can always rent a car.

In Montenegro, almost all agencies for the provision of transport for rent have cars in their fleet where they can cross the borders of neighboring countries. You should not, of course, contact the first available company. Make sure it is a solid company with a good reputation. Also, not every car will suit you. The machine must be in good technical condition, suitable for long trips. And most importantly, specify whether all the documents necessary for its operation in other countries are issued for the car you have chosen.

It remains the case for small – choose a destination for travel.

Most often, vacationers in Montenegro decide to go to Croatia. The road to Dubrovnik on a rented car will take about 2 hours. In the summer, natural disasters sometimes occur as a traffic jam at the border. So take this into account when planning your trip.

The next most visited is Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will reach Mostar by car in 3 hours. The road passes through a mountain pass and takes you through several climatic zones. On the border with this country traffic jams are rare.

Albania is only 2 hours away by car. So far, it remains the most visited country, bordering Montenegro and, in our opinion, extremely deserved. Contrary to popular belief, the condition of the road surface throughout the journey is very good, people there are very decent and you do not have to worry about a rented car, and the local flavor will not leave you indifferent.

The longest ride by car is to Serbia. The road to Belgrade is approximately 8 hours. That’s because the road to this country passes through the most picturesque canyons of Montenegro, which are abundant with serpentines. But, you will enjoy plenty of beautiful views from the window.

Bon Voyage!