What car to rent in Montenegro

Are you going on vacation to Montenegro? Lucky you! Have you already thought of everything beforehand, planned the route and decided to rent a car to realize all your plans? Perfect solution! Now you have a question, what car to rent. Well, let’s try to advise you something.

There are a great number of car rental agencies in Montenegro. Some position themselves as owners of cars exclusively luxury class. Others are focused on the average consumer of services. Still others say that only new cars are in their fleet. The choice is yours, but pay attention to the fact that it was a solid company, with good reviews, which, in case of unforeseen circumstances, will provide you with the necessary assistance.

Cabriolet, minivan, sedan – the choice depends on your needs. The main thing that it must be comfortable for you. Perhaps you dreamed of driving a car of a certain brand. It’s time to make your dream come true. Renting such a car is a good opportunity to check whether it suits you or not.

Pay attention to the presence of air conditioning in the rental car. In the summer in Montenegro, it is quite hot, the air warms up to 35 degrees and the sun is hot. If you rent a cabriolet, do not forget to take hats, thoroughly put on sun protection cream and take some drinking water with you. In a car without a roof, it’s easy to get a heat stroke unnoticed.

If you have planned to visit the states bordering on Montenegro during your vocation in it, the benefit is that they are located at a small distance, then, when choosing a rental car, check with your agency representative whether it is possible to travel by car of your choice in other countries. Does this vehicle have all the necessary documents for such trips?

They must sign a written contract with you that you must read carefully. Be sure to ask the agency employee for a phone number to contact. Please note that during the conclusion of the contract you will need to make a deposit, which will be returned after the rental period expires, but only if there are no damage to the rented car, and also no fines for road traffic violations of Montenegro recorded by the traffic police.

The cost of car rental services varies depending on various factors. Also, there is seasonality in this service industry. Do not rush to make a choice, consider several options.

We hope that our advice will be useful to you and you, taking advantage of them, will get an unforgettable pleasure from traveling in Montenegro on a rented car.