On a scooter in Montenegro.

Many people consider that scooters are not very convenient means of transportation. But not for Montenegro! If you go on vacation on the Adriatic coast, be sure to rent a scooter and, even if you were very skeptical before, we guarantee that your opinion will change.

First, there is nothing more pleasant than riding a scooter in a country with a warm climate. You are not afraid of the heat of the day, while moving you will blow a warm breeze. A cool evening in the summer of Montenegro does not happen. It will be enough to bring along a light jacket or blouse, which is very convenient to accommodate in a wardrobe for helmets.

Secondly, you do not have to spend precious vacation time on standing in traffic jams, which, unfortunately, began to happen in Montenegro. On a rental scooter, you can easily drive around any bunch of cars, smiling sympathetically at the annoyed car drivers.

Thirdly, you even have no idea how comfortable it is to ride a scooter along the mountain serpentines of Montenegro. On tight corners, you can easily get rid of any oncoming traffic.

Fourthly, driving a scooter, you get such a full experience, what you will never have from driving a car. Find out how your nerves will blow up during ride along the cliffs at an incredible height above sea level. At the same time you will not be separated from the external perception by the car body.

Fifth, inhale Montenegro! Only by driving a scooter, you can absolutely for free take a course of aromatherapy, because along the road grow various types of coniferous trees.

Sixth, all the sights in Montenegro are located at an accessible distance to reach and you will have time to visit several of them during the day, especially if you are on a brisk scooter.

Seventh, you can rent a scooter of any capacity that is enough to easily take you even to the most high-altitude monastery.

Eighth, and this is very important, in Montenegro, road users are very respectful towards drivers of scooters. No one will cut you on purpose and not notice in the side mirror. You will hear only envious beeping.

On this, perhaps, we will stop. Rent a scooter and learn from your own experience about the other advantages of traveling on this two-wheeled vehicle. And then tell about them to us and your friends and relatives on returning home from your holiday in Montenegro.