Car rental Tivat

Anyone who comes from other countries to Montenegro has at least three good reasons why you should rent a car as soon as possible. Firstly, you can save on taxi services, secondly, having a rented vehicle on hand, you will never depend on someone else’s timetable, and thirdly, a modern car is much more comfortable than public transport. So, if freedom of movement is an integral part of an unforgettable trip for you, we offer you car rental in Montenegro, namely, in the city of Tivat, which is located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor.

How to rent a car in Tivat

This service allows you to leave in a comfortable car directly from the airport, upon arrival at which most of the local tourists begin acquaintance with Montenegro. The Tivat Car Hire service is quite popular among guests. Partly this fact reflects its status, partly suggests that it is better to book a rental in advance, without waiting for someone to get ahead of you. Depending on which rental method you choose for yourself (preliminary or upon arrival at the airport), the service scenarios will be different:

  • If the rental was ordered by you before flying to Montenegro, an employee of our company will meet you upon arrival at the airport. You can find out by the appropriate plate in your hands. All that is required of you in this case is to draw up the necessary documents, pay the rent in a convenient way for yourself and go to inspect local attractions in a comfortable and safe car.
  • If you arrived at the airport and only here you realized that it is better to book a car rental right away – in Tivat, finding the nearest rental point in this case will not be difficult. Here you can familiarize yourself with the rental conditions, here you will be helped to choose a vehicle that meets your needs, here they will be equipped with everything you need (child seats, extra luggage rack, etc.). After preparation, standard procedures follow: paperwork and payment for services. From now on, the car is at your complete disposal.

What is the price of a car rental in Tivat

Many do not expect this, but renting a car in Tivat can be really cheap (especially for those who book the service in advance). The fact is that a pre-order allows you to choose a car with a low rental cost. And such vehicles, by the way, are in great demand, and if you look for them upon arrival at the airport, free budget options may not be in place. In order for the vehicle to be inexpensive to rent and without creating unnecessary problems on the roads of Montenegro, you should choose it based on certain recommendations:

  • if you plan to travel mainly on flat terrain, the best choice for you will be a small car: in this case, renting a car at Tivat airport will be cheap and justified;
  • if your goal is to visit nature reserves or mountainous areas, it is better to choose a car with an increased displacement that will allow you to feel confident on the steepest climbs;
  • if you travel with small children, always choose a car equipped with child seats.

And finally, a tip: to ensure that car rental in Tivat is safe for you, avoid traveling in unfamiliar mountainous terrain at night. Even experienced motorists know that such travel is always fraught with increased danger.