Car rental at the Montenegro airport is convenient and affordable.

Car rental at the Montenegro airport: convenient and affordable

One of the most popular tourist centers of Montenegro is the small city of Tivat, which is located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, on the Vrmac peninsula. To a large extent, the year-round full house is facilitated by the international airport located four kilometers from Tivat, where charters with tourists from all over the world arrive. It is not surprising that car rental at the Montenegro airport is stably in demand for many reasons.

Why it is worth renting a car at the airport

It is most convenient to see the beauty of this picturesque country precisely by car, so that offers are not behind demand, and you can rent a car anytime, anywhere. But everything has its pitfalls, so in local companies in the city may not be the right car class and brand. And if there is one, then with a high probability, his condition will be better, in addition, the city still needs to be reached. And the local mentality is too similar to the Russian one, that is, a taxi will cost the price of a luxury limousine. Whereas car rental in Montenegro Tivat Airport directly in the arrivals hall or in the office near the parking lot is an opportunity to immediately start the journey with comfort and without overpayments. There are two options:

  • rent a car upon arrival;
  • book online.

In the first case, you have to spend time, plus, not the fact that it will turn out to take the car in a suitable segment, but if we are talking about the peak summer season, there may not be any at all. If you are puzzled by the means of transportation on vacation in advance, you do not have to waste time on registration and you can guaranteedly get the right class and preferred brand. It is much more convenient to think over car rental in Montenegro in advance by monitoring the market and choosing the best option based on your own preferences. You can ride along the coast together in a small car of the budget segment, and when a family, and even with small children, and you want to see the mountains, a reliable and roomy crossover is more suitable. It will cost a little more, but safety and convenience are not something to save on.

The nuances of renting a car at the airport

Since the airport itself is not large in size, usually the representative of the company in which they decided to rent a car in Montenegro and made a reservation, expect a customer with a classic nameplate at the exit. Cars are driven to a paid parking lot by the time of arrival, in order to receive it, it is enough to contact the person who has your name on the sheet. The meeting leads to the car, if necessary, even helps to bring things. Then the company employee must provide a passport, rights (national enough) and a rental voucher. The following is an inspection of the vehicle for damage, checking the tank, signing the contract and receiving keys.

When booking a car rental in Tivat, it is worth remembering that it will need to be returned in its original condition. And it’s not just about the absence of new scratches and dents: if the tank is full, with a full one, if the tank is empty – the gas station is almost at the airport exit. You will need to pay for parking when leaving the parking lot – over time the employee leaves the check in the car. Losing a receipt is undesirable, if parking a car in an hour will cost 60 cents up to 2.5 euros, then for the absence of a check you will have to pay a fine of 5 euros. Regarding the fact that renting a car at the Montenegrin airport is cheap, it would be a shame to give almost as much for crossing in Lepetane (4.5 euros) for carelessness.

Appeal to our company gives the following advantages:

  • the possibility of booking a car without prepayment – if force majeure interferes with the vacation, the money will not disappear;
  • help in choosing the best route;
  • adaptive equipment – in addition to the fact that the class of the machine will correspond to the tasks, the equipment is also selected individually.

We rent a car at the Tivat Montenegro airport cheaply on the best conditions – a huge selection (any class and brand), excellent technical condition, service at the highest level.