Car rental in Montenegro

Our company’s car fleet, consisting of modern cars equipped with security systems, air conditioning and other attributes that make the trip quick, comfortable and relaxed, allows us to work in the field of car rental in Montenegro, providing services to a wide variety of client categories.

What formalities do you need to complete to rent a car in Montenegro

At the request of the customer, we can equip the vehicle with a navigator, a child seat or other attributes without which the upcoming trip may be uncomfortable or unsafe. For each car in the park of our organization, valid insurance is applied, and in order to take advantage of car rental in Montenegro, our customers do not even have to pledge any property (this, incidentally, is very common with our competitors). All that is necessary for a person who has turned to the services of our company is to complete a list of simple events:

  • Present to your representative your passport, as well as a driver’s license, which is valid in Montenegro. An individual manager, as a rule, expects his client at the airport or at the hotel with a corresponding sign.
  • Inspect the proposed vehicle and reflect the comments that have arisen (if any) in the acceptance certificate. If necessary, at the time of acceptance, the client can take a photograph of the vehicle.
  • Sign a car rental agreement in Montenegro, having previously noted those points that the client is going to use. Note: if the driver plans to cross the border and travel to other countries, he must inform the representative of our company who will make the appropriate notes in the contract.
  • Make a payment for the service in any way convenient for yourself: bank cards, cash, etc.

In conclusion, the client agrees to listen to a brief instruction from the company manager, who will help him to orientate himself on local roads.

Rules for car rental in Montenegro

Be that as it may, the rules of movement on the roads of Montenegro are known to most representatives of the CIS countries. Therefore, a person who has rented a car in Montenegro does not have difficulties with navigation, as well as with understanding of markings or road signs. Nevertheless, the motorist should pay attention to some nuances in advance. So, the size of fines for violating traffic rules in Montenegro can significantly differ from those that you are used to in your state. At the same time, the local inspection monitors road safety much more stringently than in many other countries. In order for car rental at the Montenegrin airport not to turn into a long and ruinous trip for you, pay attention to the following recommendations regarding compliance with local traffic rules:

  • the maximum speed on the roads of Montenegro has the following restrictions: 50 km / h – in settlements and 80 km / h – outside settlements;
  • dipped-beam headlamps must be switched on in a vehicle driving, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions;
  • children under 5 years old must be transported in special child seats;
  • Children under 12 years old must not be transported in the front seats of the car.

All these are rules that in your country of residence may differ slightly from the rules of our state. And if you know about them in advance, car rental in Montenegro will never be overshadowed by unpleasant consequences for your wallet.