Car rental in Tivat: convenience and affordability

rent a car in tivat

One of the most convenient, therefore, the most popular ways of traveling with the whole family through the beauties of Montenegro is a car trip. In a literal sense, renting a car in Tivat is “untying your hands”, no dependence on the schedule of public transport, no expenses for group excursions, no restrictions on the route. You can slowly and comfortably enjoy the stunning views of one of the most beautiful European countries. And given that the fleet is formed by all kinds of models for any company and every wallet, no one will leave on foot. Everyone is guaranteed to go to conquer the mountain serpentine, breathe the air of the Adriatic on the coast or admire the ancient architecture in the original towns in the outback.

What you need to know about car rental

In order not to waste precious vacation time, you should be puzzled with suitable transport in advance – rent a car in Montenegro Tivat, this is the possibility of remote booking. Before proceeding with the selection and filling out forms, it is worth understanding the rental conditions.

  • The overwhelming majority of the driver must be at least 21 years old (Europe is the same), and the experience of at least a year. More stringent conditions (25 years and 5 years of experience) may apply to elite executive cars.
  • Of the documents, a passport and a driver’s license are enough: although Russians and residents of neighboring countries have enough of their rights, it is better to play it safe and make an international standard in case of an accident (you can enter you too).
  • It is very convenient that when booking online in advance, a bunch works: Tivat airport car rental, that is, the keys will be handed on arrival. And it does not matter how many families want to travel on the same crossover – each client will be provided with the desired brand.

    Pricing Features

While many people consider it more financially advantageous to rent a car from local companies, in fact, it can turn out to be more expensive than via the Internet at a branch of an international concern. In addition, small towns are characterized by some unpleasant moments. Given that Tivat car rental is cheap, it’s a reality, why take the risk and face the following “joys”.

  • A small choice – the fleet is represented by a minimum of brands, mainly of a budget class, the desired brand can be occupied.
  • Strong wear – often the technical condition of cars leaves much to be desired, here you will have to think not about comfort, but about the real possibility of breakdown in the middle of the road.
  • Cash payment – it’s unlikely that you can pay with a local with a card or transfer, which is not very convenient.

It is also worth noting that it is more profitable to rent a car in Montenegro for a long time, the prices for which depend both on the car model and on the number of days. The longer the term, the lower the cost per day, especially when it comes to a budget brand. But this applies just to networkers, as well as advanced equipment, taking into account the specifics of the order. That is, you do not have to pay extra for a child seat or additional trunk. As in everything else, during peak seasons the rental price increases, and therefore it is worth taking care of the vehicle in advance in advance.

Punctuality, politeness of not only kings – car rental in Montenegro Tivat airport or other branch, this is a mandatory deadline. If you took the car for a day (the minimum rental period), you must return it in a day, delay even for an hour will cost you a second day.


The SDA practically does not differ from the domestic one, but if we have the norm, then we should forget about it on vacation, because it is suicide to drive in the mountains, and because of very, very substantial fines for not observing the speed limit. In settlements it is impossible to accelerate faster than 50 km / h, having left, you can accelerate to 80 km / h. All passengers should be fastened, and not just in the front seats, the amount of alcohol in the blood should not exceed 0.3 ppm.

We offer serviceable and reliable cars of any class for traveling alone, together or in a large company. We have favorable and convenient conditions for cooperation – rent a car Tivat Airport cheaply and without wasting precious time.